Your Creativity Deserves A Price

When starting out in any business, quoting is always a touchy subject.

Are you pricing too low, too high, or just right? And are you going to be making a great return from the price you’ve charged? Sending out quotes is always a nerve-racking event at the beginning.

The fear of getting rejected can often make us lower our prices and charge much less than what we are worth.

I consider myself as an artist that  is full of new and exciting Ideas.

YES, there is no question that there should be a price allocated for your artistry and creativity. It is always a challenge to explain to the clients, for the simple reason that creativity is not tangible. I believe, there are two ways you could charge for your creativity.

Bear in mind that the level of details is also a significant factor, e.g with or without fruit carvings


First: For example, If your fruit arrangement has a price tag of $100, then add another 100-200% for your artistry so selling price should be between $200-$300 or you could use the 50/50 pricing model. Spend 50, make 50. Make sure all your costs and expenses are doubled in your final price. By expenses I mean everything– physical tools and the likes.

Second: Most of the time because we spend so much time preparing fruits, carving and transporting them, you can have a “creative fee”. This fee is calculated, based on the hours spent in making a particular display. Most of my clients are ok to pay additional cost after they have a conversation with me and are made aware of all the effort that goes into making a custom order.

There is so much to share on the topic of PRICING but I hope you find this blog post useful regardless.

Please leave your comments below, its always a delight to read them.