5 ways to make money from Fruit Carving!

1. Daily Orders

Basically, this is when you have daily orders leaving your store or kitchen everyday. Just like you would chrun out cupcakes or celebration cakes everyday for customers, you can do the same thing with fruit carvings and platters.

Here`s a blog post i wrote about the basics you need to know about starting a fruit art business: https://soratulip.com/2017/08/17/basics-need-know/

Carving by US based Fruit Artist: Jahjah Fruit Carving



2. Hotels

Being a new skill and an actual culinary art gives you an opportunity to charge fruit Carving services to hotels.

Being an unsaturated skill means many hotels do not have a fruit carver as a staff member

So you can Charge your fruit carving service to hotels
Of course, that’s one thing but the real work is in landing the gig

One way we have landed hotel clients is by sending proposals to them justifying why they need our fruit art skill

So think, do you know anyone who owns, runs or works in a hotel that you can propose your skill to?
Its also a source of revenue for the hotel because they can charge fruit carving services to their own clients and if you are the only one they know who can carve, that’s money in the bank for you from just this one income stream.

Carving for Eko Hotel, a 5 star hotel in Lagos

 3. Restaurants

Its pretty much the same process as that of the hotels

Charging fruit carving services to restaurants means your carvings will dress up their buffet areas and other display areas especially during festive celebrations.

You could target Asian restaurants like we did. Fruit carvings are common in Asia so they appreciate even more than non Asian restaurants.

4. Fruit Art classes for kids

Those who have enrolled on the course or bought the fruit art book for kids already know this one

Many schools if not all have afterschool clubs or activities for children and with parents wanting to keep their kids in school for longer so they can work longer hours poses an opportunity for fruit artists to conduct classes for kids.

Who doesn’t like to eat their fruits? Kids right?

So you could propose a new, fun and creative activity with fruit art that is different from the others

It also promotes the love for fruits among the kids

There’s power in numbers here and for the other ways we have discussed so far

If you charge $10 (I’m using dollars as an example) for a child and you have 50 kids enrolled, that’s $500

I don’t know about you but that’s a good pay day from just this income stream and if you lock in more than one school, that’s an even bigger payday

Like ill emphasize again, the work is in proposing the service and landing the gigs


Look around your environs, are there healthy stores, bakeries, juice store you can approach and offer your fruit carving services? Collaboration is the new competition

You can collaborate with members of this group too

If you run a healthy food store and you hardly have time to carve and no one among your staff who knows how to carve, seek out a competent carver right here in the group and collaborate.

You can split the profit and proceeds depending on the agreement

Its a new year, seek new ways of increasing your income with collaborations!

Any questions? Please ask


January 24, 2018

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