Birthday Celebration Carvings

In this blog post I am proud to be able to share some really beautiful carvings and displays made by a fruit carver who was a student of our lessons.

The new age of the celebrant surrounded by leaf petals taught in our Beginners course

Look at this lovely display of carved fruits that our student Winifred made for a birthday celebration

You can learn to carve words, petals and roses like these onto watermelons and pawpaws in our Beginners: video lessons, step by step.

Here is another great look

If you want to learn how to carve roses into watermelons, check out our video lessons at the intermediate level in link below

After viewing our lessons, you can carve watermelons like these ones carved by our student in Nigeria.

Oh and we asked her for a feedback about her lessons with us and she sent the below

Hilda and her husband were so passionate and knowledgeable about fruit art and did a fantastic job of imparting their knowledge to us their students. Apart from the practical fruit carving and display skills, even more invaluable were the soft skills imparted such as photography, business development and marketing. Since the course, support afterwards has been fantastic. Hilda is always there to offer a helping hand and advice whenever I call on her to. Seriously, I’m so glad that I entered the fruit carving industry with Hilda as my business guru and guide!- Winifred, Nigeria

I hope that perhaps you’ll be inspired so that you too can make people`s jaws drop when you learn fruit carving.

December 28, 2018

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