Carvings and Displays You Will Love!

Today we are delighted to share with you pictures of carvings made by students of our lessons


Look at this lovely display of customized fruit carvings and fruit palm tree that our student at the Basic Course made for her children`s party.

You can learn how to set up a fruit palm tree and carve words and graphics on watermelons in our video lessons. 



Our online students Ngozi and Mary sent us these photos of their carvings. Ngozi is a cocktail vendor who wanted to add something different to her business and she enrolled for our fruit carving lessons. She assembled the carvings as a stack for an 80th birthday celebration. The first carving is V petal carving taught in our basic course.

She also carved the words “Happy 80th” and “Mum” to honor the celebrant. Fruit Displays are a better option for older ones. Regular cakes contain artificial preservatives and sugar not good for their health.

You can learn to carve customized watermelons like this too.

Mary owns a catering business and she too wanted to add fruit carving to her business as a way to stand out from the already saturated catering business. This 2018 carving is a carving from one of her practice sessions. We encourage our students to practice regularly as that is the one important way to get better and improve. She had a little accident with the watermelon as you can see in the picture. It cracked on the right but with fruit carving, mistakes and accidents are bound to happen but it doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch! There are ways to cover up the mistakes and part of what we teach you. This is a great advantage with fruit carving unlike other skills like baking where if you had a little too much of an ingredient, it could ruin the cake and you have to start from the beginning but that isn’t the case with fruit carving.

You can learn to carve like our students too for ANY event or occasion.

I hope that you got some inspiration from these pictures. Just remember that you too can make your audience jaws drop when you learn fruit carving.



January 29, 2018

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