Our Feature On Arise Morning Show

Our appearance on Arise TV`s Morning show was so much fun!

The show’s hosts, Stephanie Coker and Toyosi Effiong made us feel comfortable. The producer of the show Nnenna Anyaugo contacted us weeks earlier after seeing our work on Instagram. 

This is actually not our first time on TV, we were also featured on TV Continental for their breakfast show “Wake Up Nigeria”.I will do a separate post on that feature.

This second time around, I spread the word a little bit more. My mother in law, God bless her haha, took pictures and videos when we were on.

One of the things that I found interesting is how the show ran. There were 3 different studio sets in one room and they just switched from one to the other with little or no glitches. It was really interesting to see what happens backstage  on a TV show and to be a part of it.

Below you will see pictures and that we took ourselves and received from my mother-in-law


We made a customized watermelon carving, you can learn how to carve words and logos like this in our BASIC course.


We also carved the faces of the hosts on watermelons. You can learn to carve faces too when you join our Basic Course.

Did I mention that we had to take a boat ride to the studio to avoid traffic. Don’t laugh but it was my first time on a boat!

Overall, it was a fun and exciting experience for me to be on the Arise TV Morning show and I hope that you enjoyed seeing these pictures.

You too can be on TV, Radio etc if you take advantage of how new and exciting the world of fruit carving is and the attention you will get when people are blown away by your fruit art.



February 28, 2018

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