Fruit Art Displays by Dogival Freire

Today, I’m sharing some pictures of fruit carving displays by professional fruit carver Dogival Freire in Brazil.


Dogival is on the right with a fellow carver at a carving competition



Besides showing of Dogival`s carving skills, the point of this article is to give you some ideas if you have already started fruit carving or plan to in the future. You can see how he carved faces on watermelons along with fruit palm tree displays and flower petals on watermelons and pawpaws.

Fruit Carving can be a fun hobby that can also be profitable. For example, Caterers who learn to carve (or have their staff learn to carve watermelons) can really stand out from the competition. Very few catering services currently have the knowledge and skills to create fruit carvings.. Fruit Carvers can also offer their services to catering companies who don’t have the ability to carve.

You can join our online lessons now and start to carve the different carving designs and patterns shown in today`s pictures.

March 29, 2018

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