Fruit Carving Pictures By Students

Today, I want to show you how our students have gotten creative with what they were taught at our BEGINNER`S COURSE.

We always receive pictures and messages from our students and its nice to share them with you.


This Apple Tree Centerpiece is a great way to display apples as opposed to leaving them boringly on a table. This was done by our online student in SCOTLAND. You can learn how to do this too in our BASIC course.

This fruit arrangement was done by another online student, we love how she added the details of the couple on the carving and also a bride and groom image. One great tip we always share with our students is that the more carvings you have displayed, the more elegant and elaborate your display making it a show stopper and bringing the needed attention for your business.


This beautiful fruit table set up was done by Oyin in Lagos Nigeria. She happens to be a student from 2 years ago and its been great to see her progress over several months after her classes with us. Note how she has her fruit platters and carvings at different heights and angles. Having a display that way makes it really pop and gives different viewing points to those seeing it.


Lastly for today, carvings by our online student Pat, these are her very first attempts at carving this designs taught at our BASIC course. We cant wait to see her progress as she dabbles more into fruit carving and make a success of her fruit carving business.

Great work for a first attempt Pat!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures on this blog post and that they gave you some ideas of your own and inspires you to consider learning fruit carving. It would be an honor to teach you and also may I add that you wont find better teachers in Africa.


April 16, 2018

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