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When I founded Sora Tulip Fruit Carving School, I really wanted our students to experience success. I wanted and still do want them to have creative satisfaction and get lots of compliments about their skill. Based on my own experiences, I knew they would. My goal was and still is to help you and all who want to be AMAZING Fruit Artists!

See what some of our past students are saying below

It was a very nice experience with SoraTulip.
My classes with them was awesome, very warm and accommodating.
They were always ready to teach and correct in a loving manner.
Beyond fruit art and craft ,i also learnt a lot about how to run my business and be relevant.

Sangotedo, Lagos

I’m so glad I came across sora tulip. There has been no regrets about it.
My fruit art journey keeps getting better by the day, thanks to her patience and dedication to keep giving her trainees the best. I have learnt the ideal way to handle my tools, how to think and do extraordinary designs from the trainings I have had with her. If you want to put your creativity into use in art, if you want to understand how important a fruit can be and ensuring non goes to a waste, if you want to give your guest extraordinary display at there various occasions,  if you want to learn the art of carving, then sora tulip is seriously the right person to contact. Thank you for bringing out the creativity in me!

Alagbado, Lagos

Taking the online Fruit Art class with Sora Tulip was quite interesting. Although initially I was sceptical but upon completion, I can boldly say it was a good choice.
I believe the question should be, did i leave with similar if not equal knowledge as those who participated in the offline class? Absolutely YES! Maybe even more! Because till date, months after my class, I can still go back to re-watch videos of the class if need be. This singular reason is why I can boldly recommend it to anyone indisposed to travel.

If you have been wanting to get started with learning to carve fruits , go ahead and get started with Basic Course for beginners.
If you are already a happy student of our lessons, maybe you have friends that would also like to learn. If so, please encourage them to visit our website www.soratulip.com to get their free lesson.

We remain committed to your Fruit Carving Adventures!

October 29, 2017

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Learning fruit carving means you learn a skill for life and one that you can continue to use to improve your life and that of those around you. There is so much about us and why you should learn from us than the “About” page can cover


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