How To Create A Beautiful Fruit Display For Any Occasion

Fruit displays and fruit trays are an epitome of tropical showpiece that you can display on a table at any party. They are especially great for cocktail parties and summer pool parties as well. Not only do these look absolutely stunning on the display but taste refreshing as well.

While some people have the natural talent of putting up an excelling display of decorated fruits on a tray, it is a bit of a challenging task for some.

Here we have come up with some great ideas on how you can create beautiful and mesmerizing fruit displays for any kind of occasions even weddings.

The basic idea here is to make the platter look full with an array of colorful fruits. You can create any pattern and use any cuts you like on the fruits to put them on the display. Let’s have a look at these few tips for creating a fruit display easily.

1. Use a smaller sized plate or tray

Using a size smaller tray or plate is a great way to make your fruit tray look fuller and bountiful. This gives the vision that the fruits are overflowing from the platter which makes it look more luscious and succulent. You can either use a circle or a rectangle platter just as you prefer just make sure you opt in for a small sized one.

2. Put in the fruits that are currently in season

Seasonal fruits are the best to put on display rather than just throwing in any fruits randomly which might look generous but taste horrid. So try to incorporate fruits that are in season and fresh. You can display a summer or spring themed fruit tray or even go for a winter fruit display whichever is in season as they are all equally gorgeous and delightful.

3. Dice the fruits prior to decorating the tray

It is wise to chop and dice up all your selected range of fruits before you start decorating the tray for display. If you chop it first you will have a general idea of how you would like to arrange them up in the tray rather than creating a mess initially. So always try to chop it all up and get the fruits ready prior to decorating them.

4. Incorporate flowers in the fruit display

Flowers make a great decorating item in a fruit display. Not only do these look absolutely divine but also adds a touch of freshness to it. But you do need to make sure of some certain facts before you put in the flowers. Make sure they are safe to be eaten and are free of pesticides. Of Course, the flowers are only there for mere display, but you need to be alert so that it is even safe if anyone would mistakenly consume them.  You can choose roses, or marigold or pansies and any other you desire. Just make sure they are fresh and free of toxins or insect repellents.


These ideas and tips are surely going to be of great help when you attempt on creating your fruit display. Not only will it make it a lot easier for you to create the display but you can do it very quickly as well. Just choose the seasonal fruits and flowers and make sure they are very fresh and of good quality. Fresh fruits make the best fruit displays you can imagine.

Written by Jeremy Hood

January 6, 2019

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