How To Master Any Skill

Today I’m sharing with you some nuggets. I can’t remember who the writer is but its culled from Facebook.

“You can master any skill provided you follow this four step process.
1. Learn The Skill: 
You can’t master a skill you know nothing about.
Invest in learning the skill directly from someone who already has results in that area. 
One thing I never do is to learn from someone who has no results to show. You should do so.
Let this person be your mentor and coach. Learn from them and other materials too. 
2. Practice: 
Don’t just learn and dump all you have learnt. 
Practice like your life depended on it. Spend hours everyday apply all that you’ve been learn. 
As you practice, take note of what’s working and what isn’t. Practicing helps you fine tune your ability to weld that skill. When I started out as a creative designer, I would spend more than 8 hours everyday for 6 years just designing.
3. Get Results: 
Getting results from what you have learnt and practiced is important because it affects the next step.
Document your results as you learn and practice. The proof of proper learning and practice is RESULTS. 
It is popularly said that, RESULTS TERMINATE INSULTS.

1. Learn

2. Practice.

3. Get Results.

I agree very much with this write up, do you?

April 21, 2019

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