Our Appearance On TVC Wake Up Nigeria Show!

Some weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about our TV appearance on Arise Network.

If you missed it, you can read it here https://soratulip.com/2018/02/28/feature-arise-morning-show/

I also mentioned that I would do another post on another TV feature on TVContinental on their breakfast show “Wake Up Nigeria”.

We had lots of fun with this one too albeit different from the Arise feature because we were asked to do a live carving in a very short time! 5  minutes to be exact.

The hosts of the show: Yomi and Titi.

The carving in the middle was carved live on air within minutes..the pressure!!!

The other two carvings had the logo of the TV station and “Wake Up Nigeria” in honour of the invitation.

This was a picture I took when the live camera turned to the carving briefly.

                                                                 Close Up look on the watermelon carvings.


Another look at all three carvings. They loved them so much, the carvings were displayed again for two more days of the show!

Of course we had to teach them how to take care of them so it could last for few more days. Caring for your watermelon carvings is part of what we teach you in our fruit carving course. If done properly, your carvings can last for up to a week!

As it was with Arise TV,I found it interesting to see behind the scenes of  a TV studio and lets just say there is a lot more action than what we see on TV.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this pictures. This is to also show you that Fruit carving is gaining a lot of attention now and that will increase with time. Do you want to make history as the art progresses in our African continent or do you want to be a late comer?

Its a lot more fulfilling with the former. You don’t have to travel to learn fruit carving. The carving designs featured in this post are taught at the BASIC course. With the online course, you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. You can learn at your own pace too! Its a lifetime access.

Feel free to learn more about our fruit art lessons when you click this link: http://www.soratulip.com/courses

With Love,


April 20, 2018

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