Seven Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales- Part 2

More marketing strategies, Please see Part 1 for context:

8.Make your customers your brand ambassadors!.

You can think of a way to make your customers great fans of your business and there is absolutely no shame in asking for referrals.

9.Ask your customers to give your business cards to their family, friends and guests. If they love your service or product, you won’t have to ask them to do it. They will most likely approach you.

10  Give your customers an incentive to share your page. This works well!

You can do a competition or giveaway or even start a customer of the week contest and come up with a reward.

11. If you have enrolled for our fruit carving lessons then you can carve faces on watermelons to draw attention, people love anything customized like that. It makes them feel special. You can carve faces of your customers, family, friends or your followers!

12.If you do juices and smoothies, you can submit recipes and short tutorials to blogs for a chance to feature in an article. You can send a request via email and social media about being featured in a blog. You may have to keep asking if you don’t get a reply as these bloggers usually receive a lot of emails and messages.

13. Follow up on customer requests. If a prospective customer requests a quote and you do not hear back from them after few days. Call or send a message to check in with them. If they cant afford your service or product, they may refer you and you can also offer a cheaper product or service.

14. Lastly, do not wait for an order before you do something. Carve a name, logo etc. and post on your social media pages, look busy!

This will give the impression that you are in demand and people love to be part of something successful. Its also a great way to build your portfolio.

These strategies will require you to be courageous  and confident in your business because you will be publicizing your business a whole lot more than you may be used to. Hence you should always work hard towards doing quality work.



January 10, 2018

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