Seven Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales

Hello Creative Friends!

Ok, by now you know I am extremely passionate about spreading this skill and helping fruit artists and aspiring fruit artists succeed in their business.

My wish is to help you learn from my own mistakes to accelerate your success.

Here are some tried and tested business marketing strategies you can implement to your fruit carving business or any other business you may have.


  1. Get a stand at a market/shopping complex that your target customer frequents and sell your juices, smoothies, fruit salads, platters and carvings.
  2. Ask your current clients and prospective ones to like your page on Facebook and follow your instagram page, and also get feedback on your products and even record video testimonials right then and there for you social media pages. Also be prepared to give free samples. It works well.
  3. 3.Deliver your fruit products to the popular hair salon, beauty salon or nail salon in your area and again the ones that your target customers go to pamper themselves. Do it on a particular day of the week say Fridays or Saturdays and I am sure you will get orders. This one is a serious hit! Do not pick a cheap salon or you’ll get bargain seeking customers.
  4. Connect with your current customers via a weekly broadcast of what your business has been up to that week. A monthly broadcast won’t cut it because in this day of information overload people forget things quickly. You must connect at least once a week. WhatsApp is amazing for this method!
  5. Put your business flyers in every nursery (the expensive ones!), public and private schools. Go for private schools first, some schools even allow businesses to advertise their products and will put a flyer in the bags of each and every student to take home to their parents. Also try your local bakery, church, mother and baby groups (even childminders) and so on. Basically, any place where mothers and kids gather. It is often better to distribute the flyers when the school have an event and you donate a display for the event that the public can actually taste. This strategy worked wonders for our fruit art classes for kids. It actually led to a seven figure Naira income in a couple of months
  6. Familiarize yourself with local event venues that serve your target customers and if they have a preferred vendors list then do all you can to get your business listed on it. 
  7. Network, network, network! Business is all about building relationships. Every vendor that serves your target customer must know you. That means caterers, bakers, cake decorators, event planners, photographers, DJs etc. Be good to them, but do it without any expectation and it will yield great results for you. Always check in with them at least once a month. People love the personal touch.


There is more that I will reveal but for now, get to work and implement!

Remember knowledge isn’t power unless ACTION is taken!



December 26, 2017

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