How to Stack Your Watermelon Carvings

The most popular fruit palm tree displays are done with pineapples but you can achieve same with watermelons!
There are two ways you can do a watermelon carving display
1. Using Skewers (Long toothpicks)
You cut a slice off the bottom and top of carvings then stick the skewers in the bottom carving (let the pointed end face upwards) and use many as you feel comfortable with.
2. You will need your display stand here
If you don’t have one, you can shop for one here
Cut off the bottom and top of your carvings otherwise when you put them  through the rod the watermelons would split!
Just before you slide them down the rod, you will need to gouge holes in the middle of the carvings.
An apple corer comes in handy here
A watermelon display would be a refreshing change as opposed to doing the pineapple stack all the time
Till next time Creative Friends!
July 22, 2017

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