Watermelon Word Carving


A watermelon is a very versatile fruit to carve. One popular technique is word carving.


Carving words is one of the most important fruit carving skill that you can have. Especially because you will be able to impress your clients with customized carvings using watermelons and pawpaws for any occasion. Watermelons carved with words make beautiful and amazing centerpieces either for a fruit display or to decorate a buffet table!

The techniques you learn in carving words can also be applied to carving logos for when you have corporate events. And children aren’t left out, you can carve their favorite cartoon for a birthday celebration accompanied with a colorful fruit platter which is a great alternative to regular cakes full of sugar and artificial ingredients.


When you enroll for the course, you will learn these techniques and as you practice, you will get better.

You also get access to PDF files with more fruit carving tips and guides and as always you get on demand support and can reach out to us anytime if you have any questions!

You will enjoy exploring your creativity with fruit carving. And you can join the many others of our students who have experienced creative satisfaction and earning an income from the skill. Remember that your success lies in your hands if you take action.


See picture examples of words and logos carved on watermelons.




Thank you so much for teaching me this skill. Its been such an honor learning from you and your business tips are what people pay a lot of money for! Thank you for your passion and support to help your students succeed.

Elizabeth- Nairobi, Kenya



January 3, 2018

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