We have a BIG problem!

Ok I didn’t mean to scare you there and its not really a problem, its something for you to bear in mind if you are considering learning Fruit Carving and if you are already learning it still applies.
Fruit Carving requires truckloads of patience, time and effort. When i was learning Fruit Carving, it was a struggle! Naturally I’m not a patient person (that’s what happens when you are a tomboy and you grow up with 4 brothers haha) )Many of our students have discovered that indeed “Patience is a virtue”
Fruit Carving forced me to be patient which is actually a quality that is needed not just in Fruit Carving but in all areas of life. It is an excellent talent foranyone interested, chefs or artists to know how to carve.
We remain committed to your fruit carving adventures!
October 8, 2017

About Us


Learning fruit carving means you learn a skill for life and one that you can continue to use to improve your life and that of those around you. There is so much about us and why you should learn from us than the “About” page can cover


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