What my Disability taught me….

  1. Most people who know me aren’t aware I have a learning disability. I was diagnosed with dyscalculia at the age of 20 when I lived in London. It’s not the best description but “I have the maths version of dyslexia”. Both disorders are similar in the sense that the subject at hand is always that you often have to work a bit harder and longer to get the same results as someone without either condition. They are both frustrating but they aren’t anything that can’t be handled with some time and patience.
    Dyslexia (difficulty with words) is a condition that’s more widely known than dyscalculia (difficulty with numbers)
    Here are some lessons my condition has taught me.
    1. Intelligence comes in many forms and it wasn’t necessarily that there was anything wrong with me but more that the world just wasn’t skewed to the way I and others with the condition work and that was OK.
    I found my calling in Fruit Carving
    2 Finding out made me angry but it helped.
    For most of my life I didn’t know there was a reason why I struggled so terribly with math, I just thought I was kind of dumb at it but I was great in English. At school I spent countless hours pouring over math’s problems without getting anywhere.
    Unfortunately, I grew up in a country that didn’t look into this and similar conditions. I was told i should have been diagnosed in elementary school!
    I wasn’t angry at anyone in particular but a quiet rage nestled in my heart as I thought about all the times I felt like a deer caught in headlights while trying to stay composed in math’s class. It sounds dramatic, but while I was relieved I wasn’t exactly pleased. Had I known all along that my brain was just wired differently I would have been a lot kinder to myself.
    3. I need to run calculations in my head at least three times, regardless of the fact that I already have the correct answer. I just can’t trust myself to be sure that I am not wrong. Overall, I’ve realized that our imperfections make us even more beautiful and doesn’t make us any less of a human being
    Whatever challenges we may face may not be as bad if we have clarity.
    Even if no one supports or understand you, support yourself and be your greatest cheerleader!
September 23, 2017

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