Busy Saturday

Over this past saturday, we were busy at TWO weddings.

We provided Fruit palm tree displays and carvings at the receptions. Most of the work was done by our offline students who wanted to gain hands on experience.

See below for pictures




You can learn to do this too!

The guetss loved it and we got lots of compliments which is always an amazing feeling and we want you to experience the same too once you let us teach and guide you through the process.

We guarantee you will steal the show with your stunning fruit displays and carvings

Have a good look at our “Store” and Courses tab on this website for more information on our instructional video lessons and tools.

P:S- NOW is the time to learn this amazing skill as it is unique and still an emerging new area and unsaturated!

What better time to learn??




See what our online student in Cameroon is saying

Hilda, I thank God for the day I stumbled on your facebook page

Its been an amazing learning experience with you and you had time and patience for my plenty questions even when I hadn’t even enrolled.

Thank you for bringing Fruit Carving to Africa!





August 21, 2017

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Learning fruit carving means you learn a skill for life and one that you can continue to use to improve your life and that of those around you. There is so much about us and why you should learn from us than the “About” page can cover


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